Arcuz 2 | Behind the Dark Quests

The excitement of playing Arcuz 2 is due to the challenging quests that you need to complete and be rewarded with gold or better items for your character to use on his adventures. You can obtain your quests from the villagers by talking to each one of them. They will provide you the details about their tasks and you are given by the game the option whether to Accept it or Refuse. Accepting a certain task will list that mission on your Quest Panel which can be accessed by pressing the “N” key on your keyboard.

The three (3) Family Insignias of the Dead Ringers

There are a total of fifteen (15) blue medallions that are scattered on the farm and on the village. It is expected that you have already collected the seven blue medallions from the farm. Now that you are on the cemetery, it is required that you only collect three more since you only need a total of ten medallions.

Unlock the Eight Challenging Stages of PR3

Potty Racers 3 offers you a total of eight challenges consisting of different levels in terms of difficulties. As a first time player, you will find that the seven blocks on your mission list are all locked. This means that you cannot access them without completing each succeeding missions starting from the top right block on the list. If you managed to complete the current accessible mission then the next locked challenge will automatically be unlocked.

How to Unlock all locked Islands of PR2?

Potty Racers 2 game consists of four (4) enjoyable areas that you can play and enjoy to entertain your self during your free-time period. The first Area starts from the house of your character going towards the Desert Island as the second Area. Area 3 is the Mountain Island and finally, Area 4 is the Rocket Stage.


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