My Reason for Creating this Blog

If you are really a true gamer of most online RPG games like War Craft, Runescape, Maple Story, Final Fantasy and etc... You will notice that most high level characters are treated like celebrities.

Yes a game character can also become very popular and it could gain many fans.

The reason that I have created this Online Gaming blog is that I have many friends who also loves playing various type of game.

I have to admit that I do have some strong and mighty game characters from various games where most of my friends would want me to provide them some useful tips and guides for a faster leveling strategy. I didn’t expect that I do have some additional visitors besides my friends who are also willing to learn about playing games so I decided to write a tutorial that will explain everything at the best information of my knowledge.

On this blog, you will find that I cover all categories of games such as Flash, MMORPG, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and etc… New players of the game can read the introductions on “How to play?” and other information that will guide them which is more commonly known as “walkthroughs”. For those advanced players, I offer them tips and tricks that will help them achieved higher scores. I will have to admit that I am also a player who is just trying to offer his limited experience and knowledge about the game. So I would really appreciate those well experienced players to share their own opinions from the comment form provided.

Another Reason for the creation of OGT and G is to help all newbie players. If you already have some experience playing MMORPG games and managed to get your character into high-level then you will notice that there are several newbie players who will try to make contacts with you. They will be asking for your help or beg you to give them some extra items or cash. You may find them annoying due to the reason that they do not have the effort to do things the way how you are able to attain your high-level character and valuable items. Some might even ask questions several times that you have already answered.

Moreover, I encountered some troubles and problems on the creation of this blog because I do not have any knowledge or experience about having one before. This is my first blog and it took me a couple of months to learn and fully understand how to use this blogger platform.

Thanks to the valuable information that I had found through searching Google that at least I managed to end up on this simple design of OGTG. I would also like to give thanks to my friends who often send their support to keep me going on this gaming blog-project.

Now that I finally completed all of the script coding and template design, the only work left for me to do is to feed more information on this blog. If you do have any suggestion on how to make this blog appear more even better which is suitable for all audiences then I beg you to send them on my contact email which is at


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