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Hello dear readers, gamers, guest, visitors and whoever you maybe Thank you for visiting my game blog where you get the latest and hottest games today. However, let's set aside this main topic for awhile to allow me to introduce more about my self.

I am Elmo and If you used to watch the most popular children TV show which was the "Sesame Street" then I'm not that puppet guy. I'm a real person with flesh skin and a human figure Lol!

Just in case that you do not know who the Elmo that I'm talking about then I'm sure Google will be able to help you.

Anyway, I really love this little puppet-guy especially when I was just a little kid. I guess another difference that we have is that he never get's old.

One of my personalities is I love to play jokes. For those who just can't take my jokes, I simply advise you to skip on this post as it does not concern any online games.

To continue telling more about me. I work as a clown and just in case that you do not know what a clown is, then I'm a performer that wears very stylistic and funny make up for entertainment purposes.

I love children and I really enjoyed my job especially when I'm able to make my audience laugh. My duty is to make everyone happy by acting foolishly or by performing magic tricks.

As to my daily personal activities besides playing online games, I love to meditate and perform some yoga training together with my friends. We use to hike through the top of the mountains every morning where there is fresh air and perform the mental state of relaxation.

How about this game-blog?

Well, I have a lot of friends pushing me around to create it and provide some useful tips with regards to various types of gaming. If you don't know it yet, having a top level character on any MMORPG online game can make you very popular and I do have a lot of them.


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